Yoko Taro saves Platinum Games

Yoko Taro, director of NieR, has been announced as the saviour of Platinum games (Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear: Rising). NieR Automata released early 2017 and received mass praise. It sold extremely well despite the competition against Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Persona 5. It sold 1 million units and … Continue reading Yoko Taro saves Platinum Games

Fallout 4 GOTY Edition with Pip-Boys!

If you're a fan of the Fallout series, you've always wanted to own a Pip-Boy.  It is a wrist attachment that displays your character's stats, missions, items, skills, etc. It's a popular accessory and many people wanted one for cosplay purposes. When Fallout 4 was released, special editions came with a Pip-boy for $119. You … Continue reading Fallout 4 GOTY Edition with Pip-Boys!

Angry Pokemon Go-Fest Attendees sue Niatic

If you read my previous article regarding Pokemon Go-Fest, you might notice that some people were unhappy with the entire experience. People came all over the world to Chicago to catch Legendary Pokemon and experience an event dedicated to a game they enjoy on a daily basis. But constant game failures, lack of response, long … Continue reading Angry Pokemon Go-Fest Attendees sue Niatic

Pokemon GO Fest ends in Complete Disaster

If you still play Pokemon Go, you might have heard of a huge event called Pokemon Go Fest. Held by Niantic, developers of the Pokemon Go App, the event was held in Chicago, Illinois. The concept was to host a park area where Trainers would work together to capture legendary Pokemon. Fans from all over … Continue reading Pokemon GO Fest ends in Complete Disaster

Valve Brings the Ban Hammer

With the Steam sale finally ending, people can finally spend their summer playing their new games. Unless you've been using hacking tools, then you're banned. In fact, Valve has banned over 40,000 people on July 6th. This is a record high ban since October 2016 where 15, 227 accounts were banned. Anybody who was caught by … Continue reading Valve Brings the Ban Hammer

Arm’s Sales and Giving IP’s a Chance

Nintendo took a big risk with launching a new IP so close to the launch of the Switch. ARMS, a new 3D fighter, by Nintendo sold 100,652 units in Japan on its first week. It nearly outperformed Tekken 7 (Namco Bandai) and Street Fighter V (Capcom) combined for their opening week. Their total was 100,762 units. … Continue reading Arm’s Sales and Giving IP’s a Chance